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Planning a Vegetable Garden?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Are you planning on planting a vegetable patch this year? We are! I mean it is an ongoing process with some years being more successful than others! But right now, we are gathering our seeds together and sorting out which seedlings to get started with first. Usually we begin in the middle of February so we are a little late this year.

We have a mixture of bought organic seeds, seeds which we harvested from our garden and seeds which have been removed from items within our veg box delivery! This is an experiment... The aim being to learn as much as we can and get our daughter involved with growing produce. She definitely enjoys the harvest since peas, strawberries and red currants don't make it into the house and are eaten as they appear ripe, but i guess that's part of the fun.

In the past the most success we've had has been with spuds, cabbage, runner beans, tomatoes, courgette and strawberries. This year we have butternut squash to try as well as plenty of varieties of lettuce. We also have some tiny grape seeds, so will see if we can get these started, who knows in a few years we could have some lovely vines. This really is an experiment for us as it includes refrigerating the seeds for sometime first! And we are late starting this so whatever happens these babies are likely to be living in doors until next year! All in the name of home education!

If you'd like a patch you can simply start by digging over a suitable area in the garden or you may like a raised bed in order to save your back. And if you just have a patio or balcony you can grow in pots!

Get growing!

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