Frequently asked questions

What is your availability?

We undertake a variety of projects, some of which take weeks, others can be completed within a day. We offer landscaping services as well as garden maintenance, so our workload has to be flexible. Give us a call and Louise will let you know where we are with our curremt booking schedule and see where we could fit you in.

How do I obtain a quotation?

You can contact us by phone, email or through our social media channels if that's what you prefer. Louise will then arrange for an appointment for Richard to visit the site, chat through your requirements and provide a quotation. You will then be sent the quotation in writing, with all details provided.

What is the best type of fence for my garden?

A number of factors will come into play in order to determine the best type of fence suited to your property. These include: 1- Privacy - Do you require a high 6ft 6" fence? In which case feather edge and hit and miss work well, as well as panels. 2- Budget, are you looking for a balance down the middle relating to quality vs pricing or are you simply looking for the best fence that will last a long time. This could be the difference between panlled fencing or made to measure fencing and timber posts or concrete posts 3 - Site - Is the site typically very windy, are there many obstacles around your garden, such as shrubs, walls or patios? This is where made to measure fencing is ideal as the posts do not have to precisely 6ft apart, so if there is a drain for example, it can be worked around.