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Garden Fencing Repairs in South Wales

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

As you are well aware, we've been experiencing some stormy weather to varying degrees. Unfortunately this has caused some damage, especially to fencing which may be older or in need of some repair anyway.

Fencing repairs after a storm

You can plan ahead to protect your fence, by bracing your fence either side side of the structure. You may also like to check the stability of your fence by checking the base of fence posts for rot, as this is the spot at which they may give way over time. Maintaining your fence every year or two, by treating it with a good quality oil based product will help to prolong the life of the structure.

If the damage has already occurred and you are in need of repairs or a replacement, we can help you with this. In some circumstances we are able to stabilise the fence by installing additional posts, these can be wrapped at the base to increase longevity somewhat. If this is not possible, we can certainly quote on a range of styles for replacement.

If you are concerned about future wind damage, it may be worth considering fencing such as slat or hit and miss. This is good sturdy fencing which has gaps in between the boards, allowing the wind to pass through.

We can also install fencing using concrete posts or hardwood posts, which have a longer life expectancy, this may be of interest to you. We can offer fence installation in styles such as:

  • Feather edge fencing

  • Picket fencing

  • Slat fencing

  • Hit and miss fencing

  • Panelled fencing

  • Ranch style fencing

  • Venetian fencing

We can also install made to measure gates in a range of styles to suit your requirements and carry out gate repairs. We also offer a treatment service, to ensure your fence lasts even longer.

To have a chat about your requirements give Louise a call on 01633 489416 or contact us here through our contact page.

Reasons to choose Ark Fencing & Garden Services:

  1. We offer quality workmanship and provide good customers service to our clients.

  2. We are always striving to do our best, leaving customers satisfied with an excellent quality finished product.

  3. We use quality pressure treated timber in order to construct our fences and other garden related projects.

  4. We are a small family business, with a friendly team. So you will be provided with a personal, yet professional service.

If you would like to know more, please take a look around our site, or get in touch.

Speak soon!

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