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The Importance of a Garden

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Generally speaking the UK has traditionally been pretty much, a nation of garden lovers. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is more important than ever to make the most of the space you have.

Start by thinking about what you ideally need the space for, then think of how your space could be used to bring you joy. For example, possible needs within the garden could include:

  • Storage space for tools, lawn mower, garden parasol, garden cushions etc

  • Bin storage and recycling area

  • An office pod or study cabin especially if you are working from home and need a quiet space

  • Secure fencing around the perimeter

Now thinking ahead to what brings you joy,..

  • You may like to arrange a suitable seating area, in a sunny spot, somewhere you can enjoy some alfresco dining in the warmer months.

  • You might enjoy the sound of a water feature and encourage children to get involved with creating a pond.

  • Perhaps an area for a swing seat and or fire pit

  • A children's play area

  • An area outdoors but under some shelter such as the use of pergola or pergoda

Now that you have the structural components, think about planting. Creating an area with shrubs, trees and flowers helps create a sense of well being. Planting can be used to cut down on noise and pollution created by traffic. They can be used to improve drainage within the garden. They can of course provide a source of food for example if you have trees which bear fruit. Cherry, apple and pear tree have such pretty blossoms in the spring and children will enjoy picking the produce!

The possibilities are endless. The important thing to remember is a garden can grow and change with you and it doesn't matter how small a space you have,

Happy Planning! And if you need us at all, we are here to help. Always.

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