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Mother's Day 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all the fab Mums out there, you're doing a great job. I count myself extremely lucky to be a Mum and to be here for my daughter, helping and guiding her as much as I can.

My own mother Andrea, passed away at the age of 53 when I was 17 and life without her has presented some challenges, lets put it that way! She was a gentle natured lady and was respected and loved by all who knew her. She was always there to give a helping hand and listen to the worries of others and was someone who could always be counted on. She had a very strong sense of doing the right thing and always considered people's feelings, she was a very special person with a heart of gold.

Now Rich's mother on the other hand described herself as a "hellcat" in her younger years. She was a no nonsense kind of a gal and liked things done PROPERLY, her way! It makes me laugh to think of the times we used to visit and help out in the home and the garden. Jean was a wonderful Mother in law to me, I know she loved me and I loved her. We said goodbye in 2002 but it really doesn't feel like that long ago...

My thought's today go out to all the Mums, new and old and to those missing mothers who have passed on. Put your feet up and enjoy the day.

Much Love


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