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Best Garden Fencing in Newport

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

If you are looking for a reputable contractor to carry out your fencing works, you've landed in the right place! We provide fencing, landscaping and gardening services throughout South East Wales.

Perhaps you are wondering, what is the best style of garden fence for your garden? Well read on and I will go into some more detail for you.

What are the types of garden fencing and gate installation that you offer?

We offer a range of styles of fencing and gate installation which includes;

  • Feather edge fencing

  • Slat fencing

  • Hit and miss fencing

  • Picket fencing

  • Ranch style fencing

  • Panel fencing

  • Venetian fencing

What are the factors I should consider when choosing a style of garden fence?

Whilst deciding on which style of garden fencing to choose, things to consider include:

  • Levels of privacy

  • Budget

  • Longevity

  • Aesthetics

  • Garden design

  • Ground conditions

Let's take a look at each style in more detail

What is feather edge fencing?

Feather edge fencing, or close board fencing is probably the most common type you will see. It is often made to measure, which means posts and rails are installed at the property and then the vertical boards are fitted, overlapping each other.

This type of fence is suitable for most sites, including steep gardens. It can be fitted with a frame on top too, which looks neat.

Feather edge is also available as a pre-made panel. In the case of panels, it can be fitted to timber posts, or slotted into concrete 'H' posts. In the latter case you also have further options of using concrete kick-boards of various sizes. This is not as suited to steep gardens but can be done if concrete gravel boards are recessed into the ground.

Feather edge is typically your average fence, so the price is pretty average too.


What is slat fencing?

Slat fencing is a heavy duty option and the boards will likely outlive feather edge. This is because they are a thicker board being 4x1 (100mm x 22mm). Again, this fence is a made to measure option, with posts and rails being installed on site and boards then fitted.

Slat fencing is installed with a 1 inch gap between each board, or the size can of course be adjusted depending on your preference. Due to the gaps throughout the fence, it is suitable for areas which experience high winds as the wind can more easily pass through the fence.

Additionally slat fencing can be b0arded on both sides, thereby closing the gap somewhat, but this still allows for wind to pass through. This style is called hit and miss. Slat fencing is typically more expensive as more materials (thicker boards) are used and so the price will reflect this.

Slat garden fencing built by Ark Fencing & Garden Services in Pontypool
Slat fencing with kick board and top frame


What is the most suitable fencing for a small garden?

Picket fencing is often installed at a height between 2 1/2 foot high and 4 1/2 foot high. It is often used in a front garden, or sometimes for areas to be cordoned off for family pets. It can be used on a sloped garden and is made to measure. Posts are installed, rails added and sometimes a kick-board and then the picket pails are screwed into place.

A picket fence looks good in a small garden as it is not imposing and is very fitting with a cottage garden or a quaint property. You will see in the photos below, quite fitting for a pub garden as well. As far as pricing goes, although a picket pail is thicker than your average feather edge board, it is often used to produce a lower fence so the pricing is somewhere in the middle for this one.


What is the cheapest style of fencing?

Ranch style fencing, although not as popular as it used to be, this style of fencing is fine for a front garden or just marking the border line between properties. It is the cheapest type of fence as it is simply timber posts and boards fitted horizontally. Boards can be 4x2, 6x1 or 6x2 all depending on your preference. It is suited to steep gardens as well as windy areas. It is usually installed at a height of around 4ft but can of course vary as much as you like.

Ranch style fencing installed by Ark Fencing & Garden Services in Newpotr, South Wales.
Ranch style fencing and a picket gate

Is panel fencing suited to my garden?

Panel fencing, varies a lot in price as it depends upon the style and material of panel you choose. Panels can be installed by fitting them to timber posts or by being slotted into concrete H posts.

By using concrete posts and gravel boards, panel fencing can be installed on a sloped garden, by recessing the gravel boards into the ground where needed. Ideally, where timber posts are being used, panel fencing is better suited to a less of a gradient on your property. Pricing ranges from the cheapest larch lap panel to a more expensive Venetian panel, wicker panel or decorative panel. There is a huge selection.


What are the latest trends for garden fencing?

Lastly we have the ever increasing in popularity, Venetian style fence. This type of fence is available as a made to measure fence or a panel fence. Due to the horizontal slats (3x1) it is better suited to garden with less of a gradient. Ideal for screening off seating areas or pergolas.

The panels, as with all panels could work on a steeper garden, if a concrete gravel board is used.

Venetian or horizontal fencing really is a modern style which has become very popular. It is one of the more expensive styles currently. It really is for those who are more focused on the design and overall aesthetics of their garden boundaries.

Below you can see a Venetian panel available to order from Jackson Fencing.


What are the next steps to get my new garden fence?

Now that you have some idea about some of the styles of fencing we offer, give us a call. Richard can meet with you, advise, discuss and provide a FREE no obligation quotation for you. Perhaps you have something in mind, which hasn't been mentioned here, in which case feel free to contact us and see if we can help you.

Our services as landscape gardeners and fencing contractors are fully insured and cover all of Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire and parts of Caerphilly.

Speak soon!

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