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Sun, Sand and Sunshine

I can’t believe it is July already! I’ve seen the weather for this week and it looks like it’s going to be quite warm. So enjoy being outdoors and please enjoy your garden, that’s what it’s there for! This time of year, if you’re not much of a gardener yourself, things can start to look a little over grown. We can help with that. As well as the regular garden maintenance service that we provide our customers, we also undertake one off garden tidy ups. We can make things manageable again for you, so you can still make the most of this summer.

July is a great month for Foxgloves, Lavender, Sunflowers, Roses, Lily of the valley and mock orange to name but a few, there are loads to choose from so take a trip to your local garden centre. If you like to prepare, then you might consider planting ready for next month too.

Since the last blog, Richard has been busy with garden maintenance, hedge cutting, landscaping and sorting out weed control. Weed control, includes removing weeds, using weed killers or using a mypex weed control membrane. All of these have their uses but I’d say the best thing to do, is just keep pulling them out before they take over, unless you specifically want to landscape an area.

This weekend Summer and I took a trip to the beach with some good friends. We had great fun running in and out of the sea as the waves chased us. It wasn’t so much fun when Summer got sand in her eye. However, ice cream soon fixed that! If you are off to the beach you might collect a few shells and stones along the way, which you can then integrate into your garden, if you’d like to run with the seaside theme. Perhaps you could use them to decorate some pots. Or you could arrange them with tall grasses, the African lily, heathers, red valerian and ornamental thistles. Or you could integrate them into your garden path for a chance to be artistic, although you may need a far few to do this!

The tip for this week:

Look after your roses. If you spot green or black fly on your roses give them a squirt with water and a bit of washing up liquid. The blast of water will knock them off, keep on top of this to keep them at bay. If your rose bushes have any black or yellow spotted leaves, remove them and bin them to avoid the spread of disease. Snip off dead rose heads to prolong flowering and give them plenty of water, roses are thirsty!

My favourites this week, the welsh poppy, delphiniums, rambling rose and wild geranium.

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