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The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox, the official beginning of spring... I love it, new beginnings and all that, but for us it marks the start of a great season for our business.

This is the time when people venture outside a bit more than they have been able to recently, take a look around and start making arrangements to get all those garden jobs done. So, there will be many busy days ahead and I'm sure there will be blood sweat and tears! But it is all worth it in the end.

Since the last blog, we have been really busy. It has all gone a bit crazy with juggling getting the work done, visiting new customers and getting all the quotes put together. But we've managed to pull it off so far! Also, we have a new labourer in our team! A big welcome to Steve, thanks for all your hard work . We have completed work on a load of fences very recently, the most popular style remains to be the feather edge (close board) fencing - I'm assuming this is for the privacy it offers. Garden maintenance has of course picked up now that all that rain we had has subsided and the ground in our area is no longer water logged. We have also had a healthy gain in maintenance customers too, so welcome to you and here's to helping make your garden enjoyable for you this year.

If you're growing any veg this year, you still have time to start planting those seedlings. At the moment we just have tomato plants, lettuce and cabbage filling up the window sills. It will soon be time for them to be planted out and then we'll get planting some carrots and peas. I must say, a very small part of what we grow actually makes it to the dinner table due to our daughter picking and eating most of it. Oh well, that's one way to get little ones to eat their veg!

Although it seems a little way off, it is now the time to get planting bulbs in your garden for your summer flowering plants. My favourites are alliums, gladioli and the iris - all quite showy but perfect in cottage borders.

The end of March also marks a good time to apply a high nitrogen fertiliser to your lawn and generally put some time and effort into your lawn to help it recover from the wet winter months. Our lawn at home needs a lot of care and attention, due to the high traffic volume from our four dogs! But we wouldn't be without them. So we will be sorting out aeration in the next few days to relieve some of that compaction. We also have some wildflower seed that we're going to try out in one area of the garden this year, I'll keep you posted as to how that goes.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic start to the spring season, whatever you're planning.

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