A day in the office...

We are experiencing busy times here at the Ark! We receive a number of inquiries directly through our website "contact us" page and through our chat bar.

Messages also reach us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through our advert on Yell.com and then of course we have text msgs, voicemails and phone calls to deal with. Today, I am up to date! Hoorah! All that's needed now is a mega push to get outstanding quotes completed tonight if possible... fingers crossed.

Orders have been placed for all the jobs we have booked in and those records are all compiled in order. Which is great as its now time to continue with Home ed tasks and get the shopping done!

Meanwhile Richard and co are busy working away in the sun, building 30ft of fencing in Cwmbran today. I hope some photos will be taken, in which case I will come back and add them here later.

Have a great day all - love this weather!

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